Welcome to Yanbu Saudi Kuwaiti Paper


Yanbu Saudi Kuwaiti Paper Products Company Limited (YSKPPC) is a Joint Venture between Yanbu Cement Company, a Saudi Joint Stock Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Shuaiba Paper Products Company, Shuaiba Industrial Co. a listed company in Kuwait stock exchange and a subsidiary of AlSafwa Holding Co..


YSKPPC is located at Ras Baridi, on the shores of Red Sea, 70 KM north – west of the port of Yanbu Al Bahr.YSKPPC, was set up in 2005 with a capital of Saudi Riyal 12.50 Million, to manufacture 200 million multi-ply Kraft paper bags per anumn.


The Eco Friendly bags produced can be used in the packing of a variety of materials, and are not limited to the packaging needs of the chemical powder industries (such as cement, lime, gypsum, and construction materials). YSKPPC packaging can also accommodate other industries including food, seeds, feed & many others.

Valve Designs

Special valve designs are also available in bags, which can cater to the specific needs of customers, protecting the material from moisture and minimizing material leakage..


According to customers preferences the bags can be produced with 2-4 plies and 1 ply lamination which can be printed on using various colours.


Packaging can also be customized and is available in both bleached (white) and unbleached paper.